Carsten Goertz
= Aesthetic Concepts
+ (prepared for the inevitable complexities)
Meaning is a mood.

Carsten Goertz is a designer, consultant and lecturer, whose work transgressively informs the fields of art, communication design and academia.

His interest lies with the aesthetics & ethics of technology at a time where man and machine incontrovertibly merge. In his lectures at the IMM Düsseldorf, he explores the function of visual codes as ideologies. Recognising how these codes work, can help us come to informed action with regards to how (and if) to apply them.

Besides teaching, he works as an independent consultant in Amsterdam, providing tailored, aesthetic concepts for labels and brands. His clients range from XL Recordings to Raf Simons and Nike.

In 2017, he established Black Mountain Workshop, a space for experimental thought on design, paying respect to The Black Mountain College, the progressive arts-based educational institution which operated from 1933 - 1957 based on non-hierarchical teaching methodologies.

In recent years, he worked as a creative director for Meiré und Meiré (Cologne, Berlin), Apple (Cupertino) and Random Studio (Amsterdam) with vigorous attempt to take the bullshit out of branding, digital communications and interactive spaces. Not always without success.

(words by Georgia Kareola)